Peering policy for Searchtech Limited (AS35176)

We are the network for the Astraweb Usenet Server.
. We would prefer not to enter into a peering contract.
. We announce our own prefixes summarized in the way we receive them from RIPE.
. We announce prefixes from our customers with their own AS in the way they
  announce them to us, unless there are good reasons not to do so.
. We will however, at the same time attempt to make sure that the customers' prefixes are efficiently aggregated.
. We don't accept prefixes smaller than /24
. We use BGP dampening as recommended by RIPE in ripe-210. 
. We will filter bogon prefixes such as IANA reserved networks.
. We will not accept incoming traffic that should originate from within our network. 
. We will keep our objects at RIPE up to date and expect you to do the same. 
. We expect you to maintain certain levels of routing standards, such as not announcing private AS.s.
. It is no problem for us to configure MD5 passwords on our peerings and will do so on request.
. In the event of problems due to leaked advertisements it is our policy to shut down peerings and ask questions later
If you are interested in a BGP peering, please contact us.

We are currently available to peer at the following exchanges:

. AMS-IX, The Netherlands

We are willing to setup a presence at other exchanges if requested. We can also private peer via a private interconnect at the 
following locations:

. Redbus
. Nikhef
. Equinix San Jose